The Benefits of Working with a Reliable Freight Forwarder

With the rapid development of import and export trade, international freight forwarders came into being.

As an essential link between the manufacturer and the consignee, the freight forwarder is also called the middlemen. The freight forwarder accepts the entrustment of the consignee and consignor of import and export goods and handles international cargo transportation(by air, ocean, train or truck.) and related business for the consignee from one place to another one.

Maybe some companies hold the view that the services of a freight forwarder will lead to unnecessary shipping costs. However, such is not the case. Working with a reliable freight forwarder may be able to take your business to the next level!

1. Ensure the safety of cargo transportation and punctual arrival

Professional freight forwarders can find efficient ways to deliver goods to the right destinations on time. Furthermore, hiring a reliable freight forwarder can avoid the nonessential trouble of comparing the cost of different shipping methods.

While facing tight deadlines or unforeseen circumstances, established freight forwarders have the resources to ensure these troubles are handled well.


2. Reduce investment and maximize benefits

Generally speaking, working with a freight forwarder will help you save costs. Freight forwarders usually can get great discounts when working with steamship lines and air carriers because of their high freight volumes throughout the year. What’s more, a freight forwarder will escort the entire shipping process, from booking the shipment, arranging cargo pickup, preparing the required documents, customs clearance and coordinating the delivery to the final destination. Following the right process and reliable delivery to the end customers.


3. Offer integrated logistics or value-added services

Freight forwarders who provide comprehensive services such as export packaging, customs clearance, document management, warehousing, tracking cargo logistics etc, can well master all aspects of the supply chain and provide value-added services. What’s more, a mature freight forward can also provide extended coverage with Tailor-made warehousing solutions, likewise MOOV logistics.

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