MOOV – Your Trusted Logistics and Supply Chain Partner

MOOV provides smarter and faster solutions to handle the global movement of goods. We are a dynamic and up-to-date team of professionals. MOOV promises that no matter how difficult or small, we will accomplish our mission within your time and budget.

For customer satisfaction

The whole social economy is developing faster and faster in the direction of informatization and diversification, and the diversified characteristics of consumer demand are becoming more and more obvious. In order to adapt to this situation, enterprises have developed multi-variety and small-batch production methods, and logistics needs are also in small batches. , multi-variety, high-frequency characteristics. The order cycle is shortened, the timeliness is enhanced, the uncertainty of logistics demand is increased, and the flexibility requirement of logistics is enhanced. The purpose of MOOV’s existence is to meet the customer’s requirement to obtain the right product at the right time, at the right place, and through the right form of service.

Intelligent management

In MOOV logistics activities, advanced transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, packaging and distribution processing are widely used. The large-scale, high-speed and specialization of transportation means, the automation of loading and unloading and handling machinery, the unitization of packaging, the three-dimensionalization and automation of warehouses, and the computerization, electronization, and networking of information processing and transmission, etc., to provide you with high-quality logistics services.

Organizational Networking

With the expansion of the scope of production and circulation space, in order to ensure fast logistics support for product promotion, MOOV Logistics has a complete and sound logistics network system, and the logistics activities between points on the network remain systematic and consistent, so that It can ensure the total inventory level and inventory distribution of the entire logistics network, and the transportation and distribution are fast and flexible, which can be spread and closed, forming a fast and flexible supply channel. Dispersed logistics monomers can only meet the needs of modern production and circulation if they form a network.

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