Of course, MOOV prizes itself with flexible and reliable warehousing across China. Our locations in Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen and Shenzhen assures that our warehouses are always within feasible range. Our warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-arttechnology, meaning both LCL and FCL can easily be provided based on your requirements.

MOOV is a frontier player in the rail modality. We have much experience with dividing different cargo of a single logistic request and assure the timely arrival of all involved parts. Using our multi-modal options, we can ship the batteries separate via Ocean or Air, depending on your preferences. With our IT solutions, correct timing is always guaranteed and your supply chain optimized.

Without a doubt! MOOV profoundly understands that every logistic request is different and require detailed attention. We have a wealth of experience in supply chain management both in Europe and China. We pride ourselves with the ability to tailor our solution to your requests with the possible extension of IT integration. With three transport channels at our service and a cross-cultural team of experts, your challenge is our delight.

The MOOV enterprise started from the ‘Made in China’ quality problem. Many companies attempt to check the quality at the factory, but MOOV recognizes the inherent flaws in that procedure. Our system utilizes our own warehouses where the products are stored, picked at random by one of our Dutch quality inspectors and examined either by our own inspection partners or a third party at our choice. With this system, we have been guaranteeing the quality of outbound products for many years, without fault.

The logistic sector is unfortunately burdened with outdated practices. At MOOV, we believe in logistics 2.0, meaning that we develop, implement and utilize digital IT solutions to streamlines communication, information and process flow. Our control tower issuch a feature that can solve your problem. It prevents redundant manual labour and subsequent cost, by having all information of your shipments integrated into a single online feature that is fully adjustable to your requirements. Our vision trusts in reliability through innovation.

The Corona outbreak is without doubt a logistics nightmare and the whole economy will feel the backlash for a long time. However, due to our cross-cultural expertise and integrated IT solutions, we have been able to absorb much of the impact by working in cooperation with our clients. Though we cannot fix the global economy, our streamlined information processes do provide necessary information, such as daily reports, damage assessments and possible solutions. Based on the intelligence from our system, your business can anticipate and act accordingly.

Intercontinental logistics from China to Europe is indeed a highly competitive sector, with many large companies. However, the MOOV expertise and mentality are what makes us different. Instead of seeing logistics as a door-to-door transport service, we consider it a cooperation or project. Each logistics request, and the company behind it, is different. Through cooperation, we aim to tailor our solution to your needs, while our expertise ensures the best rates and services possible. We don’t consider you as just a mere customer. For us, you are our partner and we have not succeeded until you have!

Relatively more favorable price

Diversify services to enhance customer experience

Local freight forwarders in China can make choices based on the actual freight situation (the best route, carrier, and price factors), which makes them more efficient.

MOOV 100+ years professional logistics service provider, your trustworthy Chinese freight partner.

MOOV offers different types of FCL and LCL (GP or HC): 20/40/45/48/53GP. MOOV has the ability to provide flexibility to your logistic needs. With a rich partnership network worldwide, MOOV can offer traditional ocean-freight career-based solutions. On top of that what began in 2021 as ad-hoc chartering of vessels to relieve supply chain bottlenecks of our clients has now turned into a premium solution with fixed regular and stable departures between Europe and China; fixed transit times; fixed space availability; and possibility for long-term fixed prices, with no surcharge surprises. We are looking forward to seeing how MOOV can help bring stability to your supply chain.

The train is the middle option and is best for mid-value products (e.g., electronics, machinery, chemicals, etc.) and large amounts of seasonal items that need to catch the season and trend (e.g., Christmas items). Low-value goods will prefer the ocean (e.g., plastic products) or commodities that are sensitive to temperature change. Those that are very expensive (e.g., smartphones) will choose air.

The transit time on rail is standardly around 20 days from the origin terminal to the destination terminal for eastbound (EU-CN) and vice versa.MOOV considers your transit time also your rail freight charge, which will balance to suggest the most suitable route.

The most popular and long-standing terminals for the China-Europe block trains are: Chongqing, Xian, Wuhan, and Yiwu..MOOV Logistics has the best relations with Yiwu and Xian rail terminals,and also has good contacts with Chongqing, Hefei, and Wuhan.

Drivers register upfront via the WeChat system to avoid waiting for cargo unloading.

All the goods are checked and registered in the system through barcode scanning during unloading and putting away.

The location of the cargo will be recorded in detail for easier navigation.

MOOV offers customizable inventory reports based on client requirements.

Specialized software is used to create optimized loading plans.

The drivers register via the WeChat program for container pick-up.

The goods will be automatically removed from the system upon container loading.

Yes. The milestones in the Control Tower are configured to match your logistics processes. Milestones can be added or changed to allow parties to submit custom information or documentation specific to your logistics processes.

  • PEOPLE: many middle-size overseas brands are understaffed with limited resources needed to start new sales when it comes to China. MOOV could help them start quickly as we have a skillful ‘ready team’ here. Once the proposal is agreed and the contract signed, a new business could start pretty quickly with MOOV team lead by experts with the specialized skillset, there is no upfront investment in this regard, it’s a significant saving.
  • IT CAPABILITY: we have an existing IT connection between MOOV system and e-commerce platforms (such as JD.com, WeChat, Tmall, Weimen, Weidian, Youzan) linked also Customs. MOOV system includes cross-border ERP and bonded WMS. If customers do all by themselves, it will of course take a long time and investment. MOOV’s setting is open for integrated applications and mobile payments. Revenue could come into their overseas bank account immediately after China customers pay for their goods online.

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