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MOOV signifies our unwavering ability to accomplish tasks, regardless of their scale. Rooted in a legacy that spans over a century, our company has rebranded itself into an exciting, modern, and capable spin-off, dedicated to facilitating seamless business connections between China and the rest of the world. Leveraging the collective strengths of Dutch and Chinese expertise, we excel at crafting customized logistics solutions for our esteemed global clientele.

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MOOV offers a variety of tailor-made services, able to solve every concern your business might experience. Whether you want to expand your business at home or overseas, our expert service guarantees a friction-less supply chain across the globe. Interested? View our service in detail below.


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Absolutely. MOOV prizes itself with flexible and reliable warehousing across China. Our locations across China ensure that our warehouses are always within feasible ranges. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and Sino/European management, our warehouses provide a wide range of value added services including FCL and LCL, quality control, distribution and pick & pack just to name a few. Of course, everything can be tailor made  to your requirements.

MOOV is a frontier player in the emerging rail modality with extensive experience in dividing a single logistic request among several transportation channels. Using our multi-modal options, we can ship certain components via Ocean or Air and others via train, depending on your preferences and the specifications of your cargo. Our comprehensive IT solutions will guarantee visibility and on-time delivery every step of the way.

MOOV understands that every supply chain has its own challenges and requires detailed attention. We have a wealth of experience in supply chain management both in Europe and China. We pride ourselves with the ability to tailor our solution to your requests. With our deep industry experience, leveraged IT solutions and a cross-cultural customer service team at your disposal, we know exactly how to speak your language and meet your expectations.

The MOOV enterprise grey based on this wide-spread phenomenon. Many companies attempt to check the product quality at the factory, but we have come to recognize inherent flaws in such an approach. Our system utilizes our own warehouses where the products are stored, picked and examined by either our own inspectors or a third party at your choice. With this system, we have been guaranteeing the quality of outbound products for many years.

The logistic sector is often burdened with outdated practices, such as manual supply chain management. At MOOV, we believe in logistics 2.0, meaning that we develop, implement and utilize digital IT solutions to streamlines communication, information and process flows. Our Control Tower is such a feature that can solve your problem. It prevents redundant manual labor and subsequent cost, by having all information of your shipments integrated into a single online feature, that is fully adjustable to your requirements. Our vision focuses on reliability through innovation.

The Corona outbreak is without doubt a logistic nightmare and the whole economy will feel the backlash for a long time. However, due to our cross-cultural expertise and integrated IT solutions, we have been able to absorb much of the impact. By closely interacting and communicating with our clients, we have been able to navigate the difficult situation. Though we are unable to repair the global economy, our streamlined digital process does provide the necessary information, such as daily reports, damage assessments and possible solutions. Based on the intelligence from our system, your business can anticipate and act accordingly.

Intercontinental logistics from China to Europe is indeed a highly competitive sector. It is the MOOV transparency, reliability and customer centric approach that makes us different. Instead of seeing each chain in the web that is supply chain as a mere component, we consider it a cooperation across an interconnected web. By working with our clients and partners, we aim to tailor our solution to their needs, while our expertise ensures the best rates and services possible. We don’t consider you a mere customer. To us, you are our partner and we have not succeeded until you have!

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